Abigail Janzen



With roots in Atwater, Abigail moved to Fresno in 2003 to attend CSU Fresno towards a BA in Art with an emphasis on Drawing and Painting. She currently works as a full-time multidisciplinary artist showcasing her work in various art exhibits and utilizing a wide array of mediums including painting, craft design, textile art, and mixed media. Abigail has over a decade of experience in Folk Music Dance (Folklorico). With over 10 years working with elementary dance students, after-school, and adult-day programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. Abigail is a co-founder of Dulce Upfront, a multimedia art collective based in Fresno. Her knowledge is integral in building creative, engaged and inclusive spaces for young people at Dulce Upfront events. She serves as main stage designer and crafter of aesthetics used for event production.

Alicia Olivarez



Alicia is a sister, daughter, traveler, movement-builder & political-economic strategist. Originally from Sanger, Alicia’s experiences as a first-generation, working class Xicana have been her motivation to serve communities of color fighting for liberation. She is most interested in using this space to build with others including women of color, immigrant and working class innovators, to grow their entrepreneurial ventures. In her “day job” as a Senior Associate at Movement Strategy Center, Alicia is part of a strategy to build youth power across California. Alicia received her B.A. in Public Health from UC Berkeley and her Masters in Political and Economic Development from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

         Tony Carranza

The son of farmworkers growing up in rural California and the political landscape around workers help mold his vision early as to the kind of artist he wanted to be. He holds a BA in Art & Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco with an emphasis on printmaking, multimedia, branding, and design. He’s worked with many design firms in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. His experience as an Art Director and his dedication to social justice has allowed him to work with a long roster of community based organizations and change makers around the U.S. With more than 15 years in art/design. His knowledge and passion for Latin American/Chicano, Urban, and popular art movements have led also let to his interest as a curator. His love for the valley has led to the need for make an impact using art and culture as a driving force. In 2013 he co-founded Dulce UpFront, a multimedia arts activist collective that features an array of statewide and national organizations, community groups, and artists. He’s active in the arts community and participates in many projects in and around the Central Valley and Oakland.