About Fres.Co

Located in downtown Fresno, with over 1500 sq. ft., there are two rooms available for community use. One room normally operates as a co-working space that can be converted to large open space and the other multi-purpose room serves as a large open meeting, dance and art gallery space. Rental Form is can be found here.

Fres.Co is a grassroots space for conscious cultural workers, movement builders, entrepreneurs, and artists to share their gifts with the community and vis versa. Whether it’s co-locating for our “9-5” jobs or offering workshops on artmaking, policy/research, or spoken word we hope to create a physical location where minds can meld and dreams can manifest into reality.  

Fres.Co will be an intergenerational space that specifically cultivates positivity and innovation amongst people of color, immigrant, working class, poor, and queer and trans communities. For far too long our city has largely been painted in a negative light on local, statewide, and national stages -- though not without reason -- we do have some of the highest rates of concentrated poverty, environmental pollution, unemployment, and poor health and wellbeing outcomes. However, this is only one part of the story. Nestled within these statistics is a story of immense resilience, power and creativity. In this spirit, we were inspired to create a fresh/fresco and brand new space, Fres.Co, to celebrate our stories and builds a different narrative about Fresno that is rooted in community empowerment for self-determination.


Through this space we plan to offer the following: 

A “co-location” (shared workspace) for artists and movement builders

Event space for community members, writers, activists, and cultural workers, including: 

  • Art shows and artist talks featuring local and traveling talent
  • Panels and lectures on key issues in the Central Valley. Especially environment, food justice,  economic, cultural, politics, and organizing topics
  • Creating spaces for holistic (physical, mental, and emotional) self care including aromatherapy, healing circles, yoga and other physical practice

A skill sharing space where community and artists can share their skills through workshops and demos. Including but not limited to: 

  • Multicultural dance classes for youth and adults   
  • Community art and printmaking workshops for all ages
  • Trainings in event production aesthetics, including a conscious event production skill building cohort that will provide a hands on approach to event production 

Workshops where community members can develop business plans and funding strategies to grow their socially-conscious and community-minded business ventures and side hustles

If you have other ideas of what you would like to see or something to contribute to the space, please complete this form


  • The intention for this space is grounded in grassroots community arts, culture and movement building. To that end we will celebrate the beauty and power of poor and working class communities of color in the Central Valley and beyond.
  • As cultural workers, artists, writers, hustlers, and movement builders, we will strive to create a space where we and other innovators and conscious changemakers feel safe and nurtured in our pursuit to grow and exchange our gifts and wisdom with the community.  
  • In this fight for each other's liberation, we will constantly work to make the invisible, visible: most especially experiences and stories that are born out of the intersections of queer and trans, migrant, people of color, working class, poor, youth, and elder identities. 
  • We will offer a range of community programming that celebrates and transforms the physical, mental and spiritual well being of our communities. We will open the space to similarly aligned artists, cultural workers, and community builders.